not all gold is glitter​

NOIR CATCHER fine jewelry consists of modern handcrafted talismans. Finely sculpted in warm opaque 18-carat gold and subtle moonlight tones, our pieces result in a rare delicately feminine charms for good fortune. Symbolic curious embellishments reflect the label's contemporary take of the antique medallion. Defined by imperfect shapes, subdued patina, unconventional diamond stones arrangements and a sense of poetry, our pieces are whispering

other-worldly tales. Perplexing darkness and light, the jewels carry an ominous feeling of a serene melancholy and spiritual longing, adding a mysterious allure and understated elegance to any 

ensemble, meanwhile bringing out sacred truths from the depths

of our obscure subconscious.  


© 2019 by NOIR CATCHER LTD.                                                                                         ♻  Holistically designed & Ethically made in Italy

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