We strive to consciously source our materials and ethically produce our items.

We are committed to craft all our products in the cluster of Milan within a radius of 10km. 


Manufacturing our chemises and medallions locally allows us to save fuel consumption during the production and to create job opportunities for the territory where the production is held. In addition, in this way we are certain about the quality and ethics of the production process. 

Our fabrics are simply beautiful, inside and out. They are all following an ethos of smart design and slow wear approach. We work with non violent 

peace silk, banana silk, organic hand washed linen,organic cotton and Japanese denim. Some of them are undyed & unbleached, meaning the colour 

comes entirely from the virgin fibers of its raw 

material using only the minimum amount of processes and resources necessary to make it. 

Alike, our fine jewels are hand-crafted like a miniature sculptures by local goldsmiths in a small laboratory in the heart of Milan. We believe in pure gold, and only craft our jewelry with Fair-mined Certified Ecological gold. All pieces have been certified in accordance with the Hallmarking Act 1973, and the diamonds used are certified by GIA, IGI, HRD. Our jewelry is 

genuinely ecological, ethical, and traceable.

Each medallion comes with an ethical soft pouch and a wooden box coated in ecological urushi

lacquer. Handcrafted by Japanese master craftsmen, granted with Royal Warrant from the Japanese Emperor, the box will serve as a guardian of your 

cherished jewels, meanwhile continuing the ancient

Japanese carpentry tradition, developed more than a millennium ago.

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