Radical, romantic and rebellious, the origin of the shirt dates back to the Middle Ages. Initially used as a second skin, worn under regular garments, it was 

the most intimate piece of clothing. As depicted in medieval art, the shirt was only uncovered on humble 

characters, such as shepherds, prisoners, and sinners. 

Worn by the freedom fighters later on, it became a 

symbol of revolution and evolved into an essential part of women's daily casual outfit.

Carrying an understated and effortlessly confident look and a chic - yet - rebellious city feel, the shirt is 

an essential and central piece in the modern woman's 

wardrobe and her practical fast paced life. 

Our shirt line is ethereal, delicate and sumptuous in a quiet way. It is handmade by skilled artisans and from fabrics simply beautiful inside and out. Following an ethos of smart design and slow wear approach, we have chosen to work only with peace Ahimsa silk, banana silk, organic stonewashed linen, organic cotton and Japanese denim. Some of the textiles are undyed & unbleached, meaning the colour comes entirely from the virgin fibers of its raw material using only the minimum

amount of processes and resources necessary to make it.

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