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NOIR CATCHER is a Milan-based consciously made label for fine jewellery and peace silk accessories, centered around the beauty that is impermanent, imperfect and incomplete. A concept derived from the wabi-sabi (侘寂) aesthetics and the Buddhist teachings

of graceful existence. 

NOIR CATCHER nurtures all that is authentic, with a focus on the ephemeral truth that nothing lasts forever, nothing is finished and nothing is perfect.

Our lines are holistically designed with the idea to last for many years, meanwhile valuing people and the planet, examining a potential problem solving through new materials, constant 

conscious research and local small batch production.

Founded in 2019 by creative director Elizabeth Zhivkova, NOIR CATCHER constantly evolves its archive, building upon a foundation of raw yet gentle items distinguished by meticulous craftsmanship and subtle yet striking details.

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We carry a selection of consciously crafted pieces, communicating an understated elegance. Simplicity,  existential meaning and quietness are at the heart of our philosophy. Signs of patina and mindful creation are NOIR CATCHER signature hallmark, embodying a deep respect towards the fragile and delicate very essence of all things.

Our logo takes inspiration from the Zen ensō (‘circle’), expressing a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. It resembles the mysterious state of dreaming, a sense of return to what is noblest, to what is most natural, to us.


We believe in the ‘small is beautiful and ‘less is more’.


Sustainability is at the core of NOIR CATCHER. We strive to consciously source our materials and ethically produce our items. We are committed to craft all our products in the heart of Milan. We believe in pure gold, and we use Fairmined Certified Ecological gold and responsible gemstones coming from women artisanal gem miners in East Africa and certified by GIA. Our creations are  genuinely ecological, ethical, and traceable.

Our ambition is to redefine luxury and make it easier for the NOIR CATCHER woman to make conscious choices. Meanwhile building an ethical and transparent supply chain, we felt that the final price of our pieces shall resonate to that genuine approach. We have built trustworthy relationships with the most talented local artisans and goldsmiths, allowing us to handcraft our jewelry and produce our clothing with exceptional materials and quality craftsmanship as other high end brands but without the traditional fabricated mark up.​ We believe being aware of the gentle and honest way to produce, sell and consume makes one a truly modern citizen.


Elizabeth Zhivkova is a Milan based jeweller with a background in fashion design and fine arts. Coming from a historical Bulgarian family, deeply rooted in culture, Elizabeth had the fortune to be exposed to the universe of the Arts, enhancing her creative skills and imagination. She received a BA in Fashion Design at the renowned Istituto Marangoni in London, followed by a MA in Design Management in Milan and a training at La Biennale di Venezia back in 2017. After several work experiences at world  famous design houses such as Alexander McQueen, Kiki de Montparnasse, Interview Magazine and various individual special projects, Elizabeth started designing for her own namesake line, NOIR CATCHER, crafting fine jewellery and clothing, aiming to shape a new aesthetic language achieving timeless and quiet form of luxury. 

Most of her work is concerned with research and implementation of ethical production, through 

prioritizing the use of environmentally conscientious materials and supporting the local crafts community. Her designs are inspired by nature and studying the human subconsciousness, in search for simplicity and purity, exploring the modern way for leaving in piece - a juxtaposition between the traditional and the contemporary. In her free time Elizabeth writes poetry. Photography, art, film, psychology and travelling are a passion of hers. She is also a co-founder and host at ZEITGEIST 19 Foundation, featuring curatorial projects and conversations with leading minds of our times. 

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