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Where does our aesthetics come from?


Our consciously crafted pieces communicate an understated elegance. Simplicity, meaning and quietness are at the heart of our philosophy. Signs of patina and wear, and mindful creation are NOIR CATCHER signature hallmark, embodying a deep respect towards the fragile and delicate very essence of all things. Personal memories, daydreams and beliefs are fused with Japanese antique techniques and modernist design sensibilities. 

How was NOIR CATCHER born? 

NOIR CATCHER came to this world in the form of an independent zine, carrying a selection of intimate conversations with various creative individuals. You can read some of them in our Tête-à-tête section or order a copy of our printed issue. 

Why do we work with pre-ordering?

We support local craftsmanship and we cut back on unnecessary waste. In that way we avoid headstock and encourage our customer to slow down. We believe that cultivating the practice of patience can lead to a powerful shift in the consumer attitude.


Each item takes from 3 to 5 weeks to be produced. We craft our jewelry in a small family owned goldsmith atelier, in the heart of Milan, renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship, since 1920. Each piece is crafted and numbered by hand with extreme attention to detail. Alike, our peace silk accessories are fused with historic sartorial touch, and our 'non-stock' approach is the most sustainable way for us to keep making them beautifully for you.


How do we offset? 

Meanwhile trying to reduce miles, we also do ship worldwide. That’s why we offset carbon emissions from shipping. It means that for any carbon emissions released into our atmosphere as a result of shipping items, we invest in projects that reduce carbon emissions by the same amount, creating a positive environmental impact. We fund verified emissions reduction projects, actively working to lighten our carbon footprint.  We support environmental projects, such as protecting the ocean and developing greener methods for fair-trade gold mining.

Find out more about our shipping here.

Why do we produce ONLY in Milan, Italy? 

We are committed to craft all our products in the cluster of Milan within a radius of 10km. Manufacturing locally allows us to save fuel consumption during the production and to create job opportunities for the territory where the production is held. In addition, in this way we are certain about the quality and ethics of the production process. With that being said, we would like to preserve the tradition of Made In Italy's excellence alive. 

How do we consciously craft our fine jewelry?


We believe in pure gold, and only craft our fine jewelry with Fair-trade and Fair-mined Certified Ecological gold. All pieces have been certified in accordance with the Hallmarking Act 1973. The diamonds incorporated are ethical and certified by GIA, IGI, HRD.

What is a Fairmined Ecological Gold? 


Fairmined Ecological Gold  or Eco Gold is gold that has not only been mined under the strict rules of the Fairmined Certification with regard to social development, fair treatment and equitable payment; it goes one-step further in not using mercury or cyanide to extract the gold; tighter management of environmental risks; no mining in protected areas and a program dedicated to the restoration and rehabilitation of mined out areas. It thus ensures that the gold is not only responsible with regard to human rights, but also the environment. We are grateful that we can offer our customers an ethical, small-scale alternative to mass-production gold mining.


Why do we prefer Fairmined Gold than Recycled Gold? 

Recycled gold cannot be traced. Therefore, it could come from a number of sources including being originally mined in a way in recent history that harmed people and the planet. That is why we only work with certified Fairmined Ethical Gold.

Do we offer ​customizations? 

We offer customizations, custom order creations and we are happy to accommodate your imagination. To enquire further about custom pieces, please email us at or schedule an appointment with us.

Can you make a piece from a family stone? 

We love to upcycle family ​heirlooms and antique stones into new 18K encrusted creations.

Why do we work with low margin for our pieces' final price?

We feel that the industry ​is not keeping with our times and we would like to offer a more mindful approach not only to production but selling and purchasing too.

Meanwhile keeping fondness of the aura of antiquity, incorporated in our designs, we praise disruptive models, that advance our customer's experience and lives.



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